If you clicked on the tab that brought you here it means you’re wondering what is this blog about. “Is it just another platform to flaunt your clothes?”, you may ask  yourself as the question has already been directed to my attention by others who are also in wonder. And I can promise you that the thought is like the East to the West.

Straight from boarding school, where I spent 80% of my time or even more wearing uniform to Varsity -where I’d have to spend that time in casuals I knew I was in ‘trouble’. A new wardrobe was a far fetched dream, my single mama’s priority was to get me through school and I wouldn’t dare stress her with the nitty gritty. However, I loved dressing up, but wouldn’t compromise myself in my mission to look good. So I had to do with what I had, to be creative with the new additions that I managed to get from time to time so they can look new for as long as possible.

From thereon I learnt the art of looking good without breaking the bank. Here I share those lessons and my story in pictures, and I hope to inspire yours too.

Sinako Bomela is a law graduate from the University of Free State, South Africa, with a legal mind and a fashion heart.