Nothing compares to a perfectly fitting clothes that are tailored for your body. Whether it may be casuals or a more formal garment such as evening wear, the fact is that; clothes that are tailored to fit your body will accentuate or highlight the best parts of your body, leaving you feeling like a million bucks. Or much more like royalty.


Hugging my body, highlighting my small waist and complementing my skin, I doubt that I need to elaborate more on this K.O.S designer dress that the designer and owner of K.O.S, Keketso picked for me. Stepping out of my comfort zone and wearing for the first time a dress with such a high slit, I must say that a good dress can make you lose yourself a little (lol).





More than the fact that Keketso pays attention to detail when he makes his garments, I love the fact that his items are affordable.



Dress: K.O.S Designs

Shoes: Shoe City

Earrings: Mr Price

Author: Sinako Bomela

Photography: Nkokheli Lindazwe


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