Throughout my academic career, which basically makes the past 5 years of my life, Weekends meant things could go as crazy as they could get. The way I see it, getting”time off” my busy schedule called for a celebration! The craziness did however decrease from first year to final year, I must admit.

Between you and I, as you grow older and you’re faced with more responsibilities going out becomes the last thing on your mind when the Weekend finally comes. You’re either catching up on some sleep or even more work.

IMG_5502 (2)

IMG_5478 (2).JPG

IMG_5507 (2)

I even had doubts about the existence of whether any fun bone remained in me for a while, until ofcos I visited Urban Hotel Bloemfontein a few weeks ago. What I love about the place is that it caters for your needs as a young professional wholesomely.


From a great environment to hold your meetings, to a great bar area where you can have fun and regroup and a comfortable room in which you can spend the night in case things get out of hand. Cherry on to? Is the kind staff that makes sure you feel right at home, no matter what the purpose of your stay is. It therefore makes the perfect place to regroup this long Weekend.

IMG_5665 (2)


IMG_5677 (2)



Suit: Foschini

Shoes: Edgards

Earrings: Mr Price

Author: Sinako Bomela

Photography: Nkokheli Lindazwe




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