Nude is not a one for all, ofcos assuming you already know I’m talking colours (sorry to spoil your moment if you mind was already running wild, or is now, lol). Though the statement might seem like common sense, this is missed by many including clothing manufacturers and shoe designers. With our different skin tones, different shades of nude are all due. Props to Christian Lauboutin who has introduced a collection of five different shades of nude in his “Les Nudes” collection and styled them in accordance with skin tones. However, since we don’t have that Laubotin money it’s best to be peculiar when you shop for nude items or put together a nude look.



While nude pieces can look a little bland on their own, they can become incredibly chic as soon as you ensemble an outfit out of them. Here I combined a nude dress, with a rich camel tone and velvet detail which has warmed up my winter wardrobe, with a faux fur nude coat that I got a year ago at Truworths , thanks to my aunt who offered to pay for it as it would have been way over my budget. The coat is still as good as new, another reason I believe in investing in quality items whenever possible. I then completed the look with a nude pair of pumps.  Call it fifty shades of nude if you may.



Apart from how great these pieces have blended so well together, I love that each of these pieces can be worn differently and in continuity from year to year.


Dress: Fashion World (R79,99)

Coat: Truworths (R899)

Shoes: Shoe City (R249)

Earrings: Mr Price

Author: Sinako Bomela

Photography: Nkokheli Lindazwe


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