Making its way as one of the top Winter Trends in 2016, the poncho is probably the oldest of accessories to hit the fashion scene that you’d  ever come across. Having been worn by the Mexican people for hundreds of years, the poncho is closely linked to the Mexican culture. Though it was made popular by women in the 1970s who wore it as a fashionable garment, initially in history, only males were permitted to wear the more lavish designs of ponchos.


So it seems modern women are now on a vengeful spree, wearing colourful, bright and extraordinarily ponchos during the colder months. Even I had to get myself one! Firstly, because of how it keeps the body warm and protects you from the harsh Winter weather, while still having the freedom of movement to continue working comfortably. And secondly! The poncho is simply an easy to wear garment that goes with everything. You can pair it up with what’s already in your wardrobe or ought to add. Therefore, it’s a great wardrobe staple that will save you time and money.


IMG_5762 (2).JPGIMG_5771 (2).JPGIMG_5766 (2).JPG

I broke out of my all black style rut by layering with a colourful patterned poncho that I fell inlove with not only because of the obvious reasons mentioned above, but because of how it easily turned my look up a notch and made a statement. Now who said keeping warm and being fashionable can’t go hand in hand?

IMG_5773 (2)


Poncho: The Fix (R349)

Turtle Neck: Mr Price: (R49,99)

Jeggings: Fashion World (R49,99)

Boots: The Fix (R249)

Sunglasses: The Fix (R59,99)

Earrings: Mr Price (R39,99)

Author: Sinako Bomela

Photography: Nkokheli Lindazwe



5 thoughts on “THE PONCHO

  1. I wanted to buy the poncho but I had lots of doubt. thought it would make me look like a granny….now thanks to you my Snazzy, I’m going back to get


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