Today South Africa celebrates a 40th commemoration of the June 16 Soweto Uprising. A day in which the then youth changed the history of South Africa. We remember the brave class of 1976 that took a bold step towards a change in the educational system that was racially discriminatory.With a lot that has changed over … More NOW OR NEVER


Nude is not a one for all, ofcos assuming you already know I’m talking colours (sorry to spoil your moment if you mind was already running wild, or is now, lol). Though the statement might seem like common sense, this is missed by many including clothing manufacturers and shoe designers. With our different skin tones, … More 50 SHADES OF NUDE


Making its way as one of the top Winter Trends in 2016, the poncho is probably the oldest of accessories to hit the fashion scene that you’d  ever come across. Having been worn by the Mexican people for hundreds of years, the poncho is closely linked to the Mexican culture. Though it was made popular … More THE PONCHO


Once upon a time, to me, a good outfit meant matching colours and patterns. Often it worked and other times, not so much. Hence I sing praises and bless the day I realised mixing patterns and colours worked as good, if not better. I love how a pop of colours brings vibrancy into what could … More POPPIN’ COLOUR


A NEW JOURNEY, GOD’S TIMING AND BUILDING A WORKING WARDROBE   I am so excited to share this new space with you! More especially to be starting a new journey in my life and to be starting it with you. You have inspired me and carried me through since I originally started my blog on tumblr … More A NEW CHAPTER